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Welcome to veryhardstyle dear hardstyler brother.  
You will find here the best ammunition for your hardstyle productions ,
from beginners to experts.
Sylenth synthesizer soundbanks, predator soundbanks , access virus soundbanks and more in near future...
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Latest news!

JANUARY  2016 -

New!   New hardstyle project for FL studio released !

welcome to a new pack ! this is the new hardstyle project made in FL studio (Fl studio 12 compatible). In this package you will have more than 50 fucking amazing home made hardstyle kicks with kick effects, FL project (what you are listening in the soundcloud demo) and sylenth soundbank / presets (with all sounds you hear in the demo) . 

If you are interested in this pack please click here

OCTOBER 2015 - 
 Massive synthesizer Hardstyle soundset is here !! released !!

                                                        more info below


 All the sounds you hear in the previous demo are included in this pack,
 separated in 4 FLP projects.   More than 140 hardstyle presets for your massive synthesizer ,including amazing leads and more than 50 terrific screeches !

If you like BUY this massive hardstyle soundset clicking here 

April 2015 - sylenth soundbank is available !
           AUDIO DEMO: 

 All the sounds you hear in this demostration (except kicks) are included in this pack,
 separated in 4 FLP projects.  You need FL studio to open these FLP projects !


 MORE THAN 140 hardstyle presets for your sylenth 2.21 synthesizer. Leads, screeches, special FX.... all that you hear in this demo and much more...  FLP (fruity loops project) is INCLUDED ! .  Mastering from FL itself ( not external vst processing used) Only FL Studio. Hope you enjoy . And if you like it you can buy it and i will send you the link in few minutes:  

Predator hardstyle soundset  !

Prepare yourself for this great sounbank with more than 140 presets for your rob papen predator vst !

demo part 1: 

demo part 2:


News - from June 2015 ....

 FREE hardstyle sounds for the vst PRO53 (native instruments) , visit video demo here !


Proud to present the new ACCESS VIRUS Hardstyle soundset
part 2 !!

Content : 128 presets for your hardstyle !, more than 15 screeches, terrible warm Leads, motherfucking pads and weird basslines . FLP included and free kicks you hear in the soundcloud demo in WAV file  !!  

***** NEW!!! Sylenth Hardstyle Soundbank part 3 + FLP project!:

Now , we have the trilogy. With this soundbank you have maximum ammunition for your hardstyle, more than 35 new screeches, new leads , plucks, basses, pads , fx ... 128 wtf hardstyle sounds for your mothfucker. All in a zip file (with FLP included as always) , this time has not included a great kick pack but... perhaps you have enough with these few 25 kicks included.  Thanks a lot to everybody to purchase my previous soundbanks and for follow my craz hardstyle channel in youtube. Listen the demo here .  

 Go here
if you want to buy it.

 Sylenth Hardstyle Soundbank part 2+ free hardstyle kicks + FLP project! :

 Here we go again with this new amazing 128 presets for your sylenth (compatible with cracked sylenth version and Legal sylenth). The package include the new free hardstyle kicks  and the FLP project of the DEMO , as always. Best soundbank you can get for this price. Enjoy hardstylers !


Sylenth Hardstyle Soundbank (part 1)+ free hardstyke kicks + FLP project!:

Thanks all for your favorable response of this new soundbank!
If you don´t have it yet, check this new
DEMO in youtube where i show you my last soundbank : Sylenth hardstyle ! PURE hardstyle presets for your sylenth 2, leads, strings, pads, fx, screeches... 

Just see this
 DEMO SOUND and enjoy



HARDSTYLE soundbank (part 1)
  demo here 

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